Fine Print
Thank you for your interest in the KidZone! For your convenience, the fine print of this service will be included in the email following your registration. At the night of the Gala, you will be asked to sign a release as well to ensure that you have read and understood the limitations.
Please be advised: by using this service, you specifically acknowledge that, although this is a trained/licensed/insured adult supervised service, this is NOT a childcare/day care service.
Because of this limitation:
a) Although Sien Lok is providing a complementary food station for children, parents must ensure their children are fed *event staff will NOT be feeding children as per liability and policy
b) Event staff will NOT change diapers as per liability and policy
c) Event staff will notify parents if their children require their attention
d) parents must remain immediately and physically accessible to the Kid Zone, and to event staff, at all times
i) the Kid Zone area is in a partitioned area of the restaurant itself
e) Parents are responsible for supplying and administering any medicines, and for notifying event staff of any special requirements
i) we may not be able to accommodate all special requirements
f) Although Sien Lok is providing the activities, facility, staff, supplies, food, and drinks, parents are responsible for providing anything else their children may need