Kevin Wong


President, Oct, 2011 to present
Sien Lok Member since 1993
Sien Lok Director from 1999 - 2004
Sien Lok Legal Advsior from 2004 - March, 2011
Sien Lok Director - March, 2011

Lawyer and founding partner of Stonecracker Scientific Legal Network

What inspired me to get involved?
I began my love of Sien Lok through family connections, namely my uncle Leo Wong, who was a long standing Director and Past President of Sien Lok. Whether because of my enjoyment of Sien Lok’s Chinese New Year Banquets or various community activities including lobbying for Sien Lok Park.

Given demographics and likely irreversible trends of decline in other Asian Cultural Societies and Associations, Sien Lok represents what I call the "last, best hope" to create and sustain a vibrant Chinese and Canadian-Chinese cultural "critical mass" in Calgary. With its progressive efforts, its integration and bridging of cultures, its population demographics and its past successes. I believe Sien Lok has, and will continue to, stand the test of time. But Sien Lok needed/needs help in what it does. That’s why I joined as a board member and have stayed as active as my life and busy International travel schedule has allowed. Sien Lok and its impact on the entire population of Calgary, and Alberta, and Canada are the reason why my firm, Stonecracker, has become a title sponsor of the 2011 Chinese New Year Banquet.

What are the benefits to being involved?
Benefits of Sien Lok to the community of Calgary and indeed the province and country have been long standing and immense. Whether through helping to preserve the cultural gem that is Calgary’s Chinatown, or the amazing experience and reward that is Calgary’s only downtown cultural green space Sien Lok Park, or its community activities and cultural shows, Sien Lok Society continues to prove its unending value to citizens and visitors abroad. My clients routinely rave about the gem and joy that is our Annual Client Appreciation Event, the Sien Lok Chinese New Year Banquet. Rather than having a standard Christmas or other party, we have taken to using the banquet as a showcase of appreciation and culture for our clients; and they never forget the experience. They’re also highly appreciative that as part of our corporate social responsibility efforts we support Sien Lok the way we do.

Personally, I can sum up my experience simply: I have an amazing amount of fun doing good.